Ianni's Pizzeria
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It's pronounced​ "ee-On-ee's"

We suggest that you try one of Billy's Specialty Pizzas that Ianni's is famous for; or you can chose your own pizza toppings from our huge selection. 
 Steak Hoagie            $8.00
 Italian Hoagie            $7.50
 House Salad                $5.50

  MARGHERITA- Plum tomato, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil & basil

  TARENTINO- Garlic, spices & herbs, arrabiata sauce

  AGWAY- Aunt Gennie's way - Garlic, garlic, garlic

  ROCKET - Arugula, almonds

  ROMANO - Anchovies, garlic, olives, capers

  D'MATTEO - Garlic, spices & herbs, tons of pecorino, arrabiata sauce

  RICKEY -  Pepperoni, green peppers, a touch of American & extra               parmesan

  PIZZA INSALATS - my brother's favorite - Romaine salad on a pizza        (after cooking)

  POPEYE- Spinach, almonds, light garlic vinaigrette

  LETANG - Same as Popeye with Balsamic vinaigrette

  QUATTRO FORMAGGIO- Four cheese: American, Provolone,                      Gargonzola, & romano

  MAUI - Ham, pineapple, onion

  DOMENICA- Sweeter than Grandma. - The secret's in the sauce

  OTC- OFF THE CHARTS - Sweet & hot pizza. As hot as you like it 
    from 1 - 5

  BLUE- Gorgonzola cheese, onions & spinach